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THE 200 FACES PROJECT (34 left to go!) 

In 2009, I started painting portraits.  I started with my own self-portrait, moving on to family members and friends, then began painting commissions. My goal is to paint 200 of them.
Since then, the project has evolved, and is moving forward with a life of its own.  I paint from photos, and can do individuals, couples, children, animals, places, and more.
I hope to make art affordable, make art something that can be given as a meaningful gift, make art that is more than just a decoration, and develop my skills and portfolio along the way.


One of the historic Lockheed Super Constellations, built in 1958, is being renovated at the airport in Auburn, ME. There are only 4 of these airplanes left in the world. I am doing a limited edition series of airplane portraits to capture this amazing restoration endeavor. I will be painting it until it flies again!

My artwork can currently be seen at:

113 Lovell St
Worcester, MA



Photo credit: SunJournal



Photo Credit: Tom Schipper

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