200 Faces

About the Artist

I grew up in Lewiston-Auburn, Maine, and returned to the area after earning my BA in Studio Art from The University of Vermont in 2008. During the week I work full time as a graphic designer. I have discovered a tremendous love of portraiture through steadily painting portraits as part of my 200 Faces project, a six year endeavor which helped me to repay my student loans and build an extensive portfolio. 


Using acrylic paint on canvas, I create my portraits using a photo for reference, and render them realistically in vivid color. My style blends a bold yet soft background with an evident realism and twinkle in the eye of the subject. I always strive to capture the nature of my subject, and hope that the essence of their being will shine through.


In addition to portraiture, I have created several other bodies of work, including aviation art, wildlife, computer chips, cityscapes, and abstracted nature and weather scenes.


While 200 Faces is complete, I plan on continuing my portrait-painting adventure forever, and my aspiration is that each one will be meaningful. I value the connections and stories that I experience through sharing my art in this way.


To commission a portrait please contact me:


"Send me a photo, I'll send you a painting."


Unconditional love, paint, and canvas.

I began painting portraits in 2009. Since then I have fallen completely in love with it, and there is no turning back. 

My current focus is animal portraiture, especially cats and dogs. I love to immortalize memories, moments in time, and personalities. I paint from reference photos because it allows you to select your favorite image of your loved one, the image that evokes the essence of who they are. I use acrylic on canvas to create a vibrant and realistic work of art that will make you smile (or cry) when it catches your eye.  My favorite parts are using vivid colors, going nuts with my tiny paintbrushes, and feeling like I know the animal once the painting is complete. 

Relationships are cherished. Memories are treasured. I love seeing my finished paintings given as meaningful gifts or used as a way to memorialize those who have passed on. I value the connections and stories that I experience through sharing my art in this way. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope that I can paint something for you!