200 Faces

The World Faces Project

1. Germany - Nadja

Nadja was born and raised in Dresden, Saxony.  She now resides in South Germany with her husband and two young sons. They live in close proximity to Austria and Switzerland, and enjoy year-round activities in the surrounding mountains, such as hiking, skiing, and staying in small mountain huts along the way. 

Another place that is close to her heart is Boston, Massachusetts. Having spent three years of her life living in Boston - one after high school and two after college, it became somewhat of a second home to her. In her words, "I learned to love this city and the people living there beyond expectations."

Her career as a Business Analyst in the Anti-Virus field keeps her busy with documenting data needed for ongoing projects. She enjoys her self-described "nerdy" job, and is never bored in her work.  She balances her career with spending time with friends, family, and kids. No matter the activity, she is focused on having a good time with those involved, bringing her bright disposition to any situation.

"For me a glass is half full, most of the time."

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