200 Faces

The World Faces Project

The World Faces Project - Artist Statement

I love large-scale projects, and I love learning. Currently, I am painting a portrait of one woman from each country in the world.

    This will be an exploration into geography, history, culture, language, and more. My hope is that this will be meaningful and inspirational, while provoking thought and emotion, introducing new perspectives, and creating connections.  Undoubtedly, this project will take many years, and I am keeping my intentions open-ended because I know that things will evolve, and change organically. I want to remain open, as a student, to whatever the project will become. 

    These faces will portray different ages, features, expressions, stories, and life experiences.  I am excited to explore the stunning diversity that comprises the feminine throughout the world, while also paying attention to the similarities between us and the ties that connect us. Can't wait to share. Thank you for following! 

    Technical Details:

    • I am using a list that includes "disputed territories", so I am aiming for about 257 portraits.  
    • The paintings are larger than life at 20x24 inches, and I am painting from photographs, either taken myself or sent to me. 
    • I am hoping to exhibit these in collections as I complete a certain geographic area, or when other themes emerge.
    • If you know someone who would be interested in being a subject in this project, please feel free to connect us.