Tim Ganotis Photo

Tim Ganotis Photo


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I discovered a tremendous love of portraiture through my 200 Faces Project, a six year endeavor that I began in 2009. It was an incredible learning experience, and led me to my current work as a portrait artist. You can read more about that adventure here. 


My current focus is portraits of people and animals. Immortalizing memories, moments in time, and personalities. I paint from reference photos because it allows you to select your favorite image of a loved one, the image that evokes the essence of who they are. Whether human or animal, I strive to portray that twinkle in their eyes, using acrylic on canvas to create vibrant and realistic paintings. My work yields an authentic yet dream-like effect with vivid colors and soft layers. 


Relationships are cherished. Memories are treasured. I love seeing my finished paintings given as meaningful gifts or used as a way to memorialize those who have passed on. I value the connections and stories that I experience through sharing my art in this way.


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  Tim Ganotis Photo

Tim Ganotis Photo

Work with me

I am available for many art projects, services, and collaborations. Please contact me for more information about anything that interests you.

Custom Portraits

  • Adults, Children, Families, Couples, Corporate, Pets, Memorials and more.


  • Indoor and Outdoor, Nurseries and Children's Rooms, Corporate Offices, and more.

Other Painting Commissions

  • Would you love a painting of your airplane or boat? Your house? Your favorite beach scene?

Graphic Design

  • Logos, Apparel, Business Cards, Websites, Branding Consulting and other business needs.